Welcome to the online Seed and Bulb Store!

For the 2021 Friends School Plant Sale, we’re selling all of our seeds online (as we did in 2020) — plus we’re adding in bulbs, bareroots, and mushrooms.

Seeds will be mailed to you by the U.S. Postal Service shortly after your order is placed. The cost is at least $4.99 (for Minnesota), so take that into account if you’re ordering just a few seed packets! Please note that we can only mail seeds to the lower 48 states and Washington, DC.

All other items will be held for you at curbside plant pickup during the in-person plant sale in May. (Only order this type of item if you can come pick it up in person in May!) Pickup hours will be included with your confirmation email.

Orders are accepted until Wednesday, April 28 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time.

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Looking for other plants?

The full catalog of plants available at the in-person plant sale (which includes the seeds and bulbs that you can buy here) is available at friendsschoolplantsale.com/plants.