Peas (King Tut)


Snow peas are flat and eaten whole, while shelling peas are shelled, leaving only the peas to eat. Snap peas are eaten whole, like a green bean, when the peas are mature. Peas are usually planted in two crops, one in April and the other in August for fall harvest. Climbs by leaf tendrils.

68 days. Chubby dark purple pods enclosing bright green peas follow pink and purple bicolor flowers. These shelling peas are tasty green or dried. Legend says that this seed was found in King Tut’s tomb and taken to England where it miraculously germinated. Others say the pea originated in England, perhaps on the estate of Lord Carnarvon who financed the search for King Tut’s tomb. A vigorous climber that needs strong support.

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Pisum sativum


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